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All your technical solutions in one place.

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A unique combination of engineering, documentation and technical support capabilities for growing organizations.

If a project requires additional design engineering, a complete set of documentation or everything from start to finish, Price Technical Services can help.




Cost-Effective Support

Services that reduce the need to create or expand your own engineering and technical departments.

Companies that previously have not required any technical staff will find just what is needed, simply and effectively, with no unnecessary complications and burdens on the client's side. 

Larger clients with already established Engineering groups will benefit from the depth of experience available and the highly cost-effective solutions delivered.

Flexible Services

Engineering resources, documentation and support services that are tailored to the specific needs of a project.

Do as much or as little as you want with your own resources, and have the rest done by an expert.. Or, choose a complete project and receive the designs, 3D models, drawings and full documentation you need to meet your deadline.


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Single-Source Resources

Effective one-stop shop for your technical and support needs.

You won't need to arrange independent engineers, drafters and technical writers. Price Technical Services can fully manage a project from start to finish, including design, drawings and all required documentation -- even oversee field testing, installation and commissioning when required.


Over 27 years of engineering experience, from general engineering to complex mechanical systems.

For help in creating an entirely new design, finishing a project already underway, or reviewing and correcting existing drawings, we have the experience to get it done right.




Creative Solutions

Creative solutions to the most difficult problems.

With a tremendous amount of experience, a fresh perspective and focus on determining the real cause of a problem, a novel solution is just around the corner.



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