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All your technical solutions in one place.

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Engineering and Design

A tremendous amount of experience to rely on even for the most difficult challenges. 

From simple design updates to creation of complex mechanical systems, expert resources are available to complete the design, create the drawings and finish the project right.

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Troubleshooting and Field Support

On-site troubleshooting and field support for ongoing operations. 

    - Products in the field are not performing correctly
    - A remote site is struggling to produce acceptable results
    - A client is in need of support beyond available resources

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Technical Writing

Any documentation required, from basic instruction and maintenance manuals to technical publications.

        - Parts and Maintenance Manuals
        - Instruction Manuals
        - Employee Handbooks
        - Technical publications
        - And more

Emergency Response

Quick, thorough response to a problem, incident, or product/service failure.

Price Technical Services can:
    - investigate the problem
    - do the work required to make it right
    - produce all the necessary documentation
    - resolve the situation to your satisfaction 

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Technical Support

Assistance with all of your Technical Support needs. 

    - Project Manager to oversee an installation or start-up
    - Extra support for a client with special requirements
    - Technical presence on the jobsite





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